Warrior River’s Baldr

RACEM UWP GRCH Warrior River’s Baldr 

United Kennel Club Conformation Grand Champion
UKC United Weight Puller
UKC Precision Coursing Master
Multiple UKC Group placer
Multiple UKC weight pull class winner
Six-time UKC Total Dog


Warrior River's Baldr
Baldr’s first win toward UKC Conformation Champion

Bred by Kayla Cooper at Warrior River Kennels

UWP CH NALC Td – Ch Cross Check’s Warrior River Havoc x UWP RATI CA UNJ CH NKC CH FCH WCH Warrior River Talon

DOB: 2018.12.04
Red Leopard
Eyes: R-Blue with yellow, L-Blue with yellow BAER tested: Normal hearing

Baldr joined my crew to be a woods dog. I’m looking forward to seeing this dude on the tree.

Baldr’s name is from the Norse god of light, joy, and the summer sun. 


Warrior River’s Baldr
First UKC show
UKC Premier 2019
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